Journey of PGD in Thailand

PGD is the abbreviated form of Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis that enhances the effective pregnancy and encourages the probability of pregnancy. It is the latest technique of ART method that involves testing to check for disorders in chromosomes or any genetic defects.

PGD is employed by so many couples who expect to cuddle with their baby with happiness without any disorder or issue.

Med Fertility in Thailand has matchless facilities for fertility treatment with magical results. They have a balanced procedure for case analysis in fine Packages of treatment for infertility.

The professional and fertility specialist in a good PGD cost in Thailand is always available in med fertility. They are also equipped with advanced techniques of treatments and focus on the positivity of the result and hand over a cute supervise with proper care and effort. 

The present article consists of all and full statements about the PGD treatment in Thailand, its procedure, the significance of PGD in Thailand and very important factors i.e. the ‘Cost of PGD in Thailand’ to pick the destination for treatment. 

Following is the narration on PGD treatment in Thailand that will encourage couples in choosing Thailand as a destination for infertility cure. 

Avails of PGD in Thailand

Following are some benefits which can be enjoyed by taking PGD Treatment:

  • PGD in IVF reduces the risk of Miscarriages or abortion, and termination of pregnancy.
  • In PGD treatment the embryos are carefully chosen for reducing pregnancy issues.
  •  During PGD, leftover embryos are safely kept after IVF treatment.
  • The embryo is stored and freezing is also performed in the IVF lab and used later for the same couple when they need second pregnancy from their own embryo.

Headways for PGD in Thailand

PGD is a method that is appropriate for particular couples who are processed in maternal age but have issues or disorders in conceiving babies.

PGD in Thailand is a brilliant decision as the treatment is always considered in safe and positive ways, which means the PGD treatment in Thailand is followed by IVF treatment.

Plan your pregnancy with Med fertility a PGD fertility centre in Thailand, and go ahead with the process for sweet happiness.

PGD Cost in Thailand
PGD Cost in Thailand

Steps involve in PGD in Thailand

  • In the very first step, a female patient will undergo 10-12 days of ovary stimulation medication and hormonal injections.
  • During the medication, a female has to visit the fertility centre for check-ups in which her follicles that contain eggs are monitored by doing ultrasound and blood tests.
  • On the last day of egg collection, the expert gives a trigger shot injection before 36 hours of egg retrieval, which is given to get the all eggs at the matured stage.
  • In this step egg collection is done with the help of a hollow needle and kept in a petri dish.
  • In this step sperm are combined with the eggs for fertilization and if the sperm’s nature is of low motility then the ICSI technique is performed.
  • After fertilization a biopsy is taken from each embryo and evaluated through the PGD technique and then embryo transfer is done after 2-5 days of egg collection.
  • At last female partner has to visit the centre within 10-14 days for the blood test to check the pregnancy.

What Can be Prevented by PGD in Thailand?

There are many other issues including genetic diseases that can be easily solved by availing the PGD treatment in Thailand as follows:

  • Any suffering due to genetic disorder
  • Long-term chronic disorder
  • To the female above 35 years of age
  • Patient undertaking IVF treatment
  • If the patient has a family of Huntington’s disease
  • Couple has faced many miscarriages  

The genetic diseases are prevented by using IVF with PGD treatment technique that includes cystic fibrosis, sickle cell anemia, thalassemia or spinal muscular atrophy etc. 

Suitable: PGD Cost in Thailand

PGD techniques are always initiated with IVF treatment, so the ‘Cost of PGD in Thailand’ is combined with IVF cost. Med fertility offers the affordable PGD Cost in Thailand with the customized facilities and structure of PGD treatment.

‘Cost of PGD in Thailand’ with IVF approximately comes to TBH 4,00,000 which includes all the medications and all the IVF-ICSI steps. The Couple can pay the treatment cost in instalments and easily enjoy the happening phase of parenthood with the PGD method.

Best IVF Vantage in Thailand

Med fertility is the most stuffed and highly booked fertility Centre in Thailand because of its experienced doctors, supportive staff, and over and above this fertility Centre has furnished ‘PGD cost in Thailand’

This Fertility centre is filled with all the latest tools and techniques for medical examination and treatments.

Med Fertility is situated in a favorite location for tourists which is also one of the beautiful reasons for its selection and location matters a lot in managing the illness at fast pace.

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