Infertility is the blemish for couples. Having no babies after many years of marriage makes them feel sad. 

A baby is a blessing that starts a new journey for humans. Why do people face such issues? But no worries the is affordable for the average middleman.

There are many situations where one faces this situation. When there is the case of LGBT in that case if ones want to be pregnant so can choose the option of surrogacy. 

There are two types of surrogacy, traditional surrogacy, and gestational surrogacy.

Apart from that, there are many more cases where one faces a blocked fallopian tube, male infertility, female infertility, unexplained infertility, low sperm quality, low egg quality, etc.

To complete many couples medical science has invented such treatments. all these treatments are discovered while considering all kinds of infertility problems. 

The infertility treatments are IUI, IVF, ICSI, and surrogacy. All the treatments are at the next level of each. 

Apart from this, there is one more treatment that helps to stop genetic disorders from one generation to another generation. It can be stopped with the help of PGD Treatment.


PGD is preimplantation genetic diagnostics, the treatment is about making restrictions on genetic diseases which are coming from generations. 

This is for those who want to stop the disease in their kids. In this treatment, the embryologist checks the embryos and selects those embryos which are less affected by the disease.

In PGD Treatment the embryologist checks embryos. Which is created by taking eggs and sperm. 

Supposed there are four embryos fertilized, now the embryologist will check all embryos and will select the best one that will not be affected by the disease. Now the couple will take a pregnancy test 2 weeks later.

There are many genetic diseases that pass to the next generation through the affected embryos including down syndrome, triplex syndrome, turner syndrome, etc. 


The procedure of PGD treatment is done after the accomplishment of IVF Treatment. The first stage of the treatment is to consult with your doctor and share the issues that you are facing during your pregnancy. 

PGD Cost in Ghana
PGD Process

Now, the specialist will suggest the best treatment which suits your problem. The IVF treatment starts by stimulating the ovaries. In this process, the egg will be injected with hormones which help to develop the eggs early.

Additionally, after some time the urologist will give some amount of dosage to protect the eggs from being demolished.

Further, the embryologist will take the eggs out from the ovaries and will keep them in a culture dish. On which they will add fresh and selected sperms.

They will leave it as it is for around 5 days. Until the embryo transfers itself into a blastocyst. 

The blastocyst is the form when the embryo can be shifted into the female patient’s uterus.

At this stage the procedure of PGD treatment is performed, in the treatment, the embryologist will take all the embryos and will check their genetics.

At this stage, they select the embryo that will be selected which is not affected by genetic disease. 

And the rest of the embryos will be frozen for the next cycle if needed. The combination of eggs and spurs makes different combinations. 


The advantage of PGD treatments is the genetic disorder from the family will not pass to the next generation.

As it will be stopped by not using the embryo which is affected by the disease. 

The PGD treatment is invented just to control the disease and not to pass it to the next generation.

This will reduce the risk of not getting pregnant as in this process the normal and good quality embryo will be selected.

PGD Cost in Georgia
PGD Cost in Georgia


The Cost of PGD treatment in Georgia is around $6000 to $12000. Including all the expenses that will be done while doing the treatment such as embryologist charges, hospital expenses, injections, visiting charges, etc. 

Before taking the service one needs to check the certification of an embryologist as this treatment is risky. And there are many centers that do not provide the PGD service.

To get the best service of PGD treatment you can contact med fertility the best IVF centre at an affordable rate.


In the article, you informed of the advanced treatment of PGD which helps to not carry the genetic family disorder. The treatment is done by selecting good-quality embryos which are not affected by that genetic disease. Adding this step in IVF treatment will make you free financially as in it the embryo will be selected from weak and infected embryos.


Does the biopsy of the embryo damage the embryos?

No, at the stage of embryo biopsy does not harm the embryo which is fertilized. They will work as they work naturally. Apart from it, the kids who have been born with the help of PGD treatment are living their life normally.

What is the best centre for PGD treatment in GEORGIA?

The best PGD centre in Georgia is med fertility. With a reasonable cost of PGD treatment in Georgia. The experts you will get here are well-experienced and well-trained.

Can an embryo test for down syndrome?

The PGD treatment will test all types of genetic disorders including down syndrome, and chorionic villus sampling ( CVS ).

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