The Cost of IVF in Kazakhstan is different from other countries. As it depends from country to country. The main procedure which followed in this treatment is almost the same in each country. 

Pregnancy is a blessing for the female. It gives a new life to the baby as well as to the mother. but there are some cases where people face the problem of not having a kid. 

But don’t worry, it is 21cententury when experts have introduced new and modern techniques to make you feel happy and give you the chance to feel that beautiful pregnancy. 

IVF treatment is a blessing that gives the smile to those who are suffering during their pregnancy. In the IVF treatment, the experts do the fertilization procedure in the laboratory. The treatment will be done by using modern types of equipment.

The average time period procedure takes around 15 to 30 days to accomplish the treatment. These days, the experts will complete their procedure including consultation with the pregnancy test. 

The basic steps followed by every institute are stimulation of ovaries, egg retrievals from ovaries, fertilization of eggs, embryo culture, embryo transfer, and a pregnancy test.

The IVF Process

The procedure of in – vitro fertilization takes 20 days to get complete during which the experts give the injection to females for about 12 days. To make the eggs mature thus they can use them to fertilize with male sperm. After sperm fertilization, the eggs transform themselves into embryos. And at that stage, the experts transfer the embryo into the uterus. 

After 2 weeks of accomplishment of the process, the couple will take the test for pregnancy. In which they get the result. If the result is negative then the process of embryo transfer will be done again. First, experts will take blood tests and an ultrasound. In this phase, the experts will check the condition of eggs in the ovary. And according to the condition, the couple will get suggestions for treatment. 

Now, the experts will prescribe the dosage of the injection and the timing for the couple. The female has to take the injection at the same time every day. The fallopian makes the eggs mature. When the mind gives the signal to produce estrogen. The estrogen matures the eggs. 

In this process, the injection will provide strong Harmons to in ovary to develop highly mature eggs early Furthermore, on the last day, they give a trigger injection and then take the eggs out of the ovary. And they keep the eggs in the laboratory. At this stage, the eggs would have around 34 to 36 hours to fertilize. So the experts take the sperm from the male patient. Then they separate it from strong sperm to weak sperm. 

After this process, they leave the sperm in the same dish where they have kept the eggs. The left process will be done automatically as it goes into a natural pregnancy. Now at the stage of the embryo, after the accomplishment of fertilization, the egg transforms itself into the embryo. The experts pick healthy embryos. 

In IVF Treatment, there are many embryos get developed. And freeze them for the3 exceptional cases where, if the pregnancy test gets negative then they will continue the process from the embryo transfer. 

The procedure of embryo transfer is done at the stage of the blastocyst. Most clinics and centers leave the embryo in the uterus at this stage. The stage comes after 3 to 5 days of fertilization.

The experts leave the embryo in the female uterus. After 12 days of embryo transfer, the couple will take a pregnancy test. Additionally, the left embryos will be frozen in the laboratory.

IVF Cost in Kazakhstan

The IVF Cost in Kazakhstan is around $4000 to $4700. The amount has included all the expenses which will be done during the treatment. 

There are no charges for the consultant you can get consulted free of cost. It has including the number of modern types of equipment, laboratory charges, expert fees, injections expenses, other expenses, etc. 

In exceptional cases, if the result gets negative then the embryo transfer steps will be done again, and at this time the cost of IVF treatment in Kazakhstan will be charged lesser than before as at this time the process of making an embryo is done.


In conclusion, you got to know the Cost of IVF in Kazakhstan. To get a successful result, ones need to take care of themselves by eating healthy food, taking a normal diet, not eating junk, doing exercise, do not smoke, do not drink alcohol, etc. these all small steps make one healthy. So that when you get succeed in your IVF treatment so your baby get a healthy and fit body. 

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