How much does the Cost of IVF in Ghana for those who are facing complications during their pregnancy?

IVF is something that makes the embryo in the laboratory with the help of new and advanced technology. 

The experts or specialists transfer the embryo inside the uterus. After this step, the coming steps will be done naturally as happens in a natural pregnancy.

There are millions of babies who have been born with the help of IVF who are healthy and living their life as normal as other kids are living.

There are many people who wanted to complete their family but because of some medical issues, they were not able to fulfill their desire.

Now there is no need to worry because technology has invented new techniques to fertilize eggs in laboratories. Which calls IVF and test tube babies. 


IVF is the process done in the laboratory to complete the step of fertilization. To complete this step the experts first examine both patients, female and male.

The examination is the process where experts try to understand the complication. Thus, they suggest the best treatment for them.

Further, they prescribe some medication to females for 12 days. The medication will make the eggs mature early.

Additionally, the experts add one more dosage of injection after some dosage of the first injection. 

The second dose will be given to secure the eggs from liquidation. If any of the injections are missed, there will be some complications raised. It is important to take all the dosage on time.

Further, the dosage will be completed with a trigger injection. At this point, there will be only 34 to 36 hours to fertilize the eggs. After that, the eggs will be destroyed.

Then, the urologist asks for the semen and sorts them out from weak semen to strong semen. 

It is important. Otherwise, the semen will not be able to survive much in the egg. Now it will take 4 to 5 days to transform itself into the blastocyst.

IVF Cost in Ghana
IVF Cost in Ghana

And when it changes into a blastocyst, it will be transferred into the uterus. Then the couple will take a pregnancy test 12 days later. 

And in case the embryo didn’t survive much and got destroyed. so, in that case, the process of embryo transfer will be done again to get the desired goal.

There are two cases if there will be a left frozen embryo available then the experts will transfer it. But if there will not be any frozen embryos available the whole process will be done again. 

In the second case, the positive result of pregnancy increased. The success rate of pregnancy is 75 to 80%.

There are some points that you need to remember while searching for any IVF centre. 

There are many best IVF Centre in Ghana With affordable IVF treatment costs in Ghana including med fertility, Ruma fertility specialist hospital, Provide specialist hospital, etc.

The ones need to be aware of a few things while searching about fertility centre. They need to ask for their certification. Do check their work of experience with successful treatments.

You can ask for a free of cost consultation where experts will help you to understand the complication.


The average cost of IVF Treatment in Ghana is around  $3000 to 5000 for each cycle

The mentioned IVF cost in Ghana has included all types of IVF expenses including examination charges, staff expenses, laboratory charges, etc.

It might not have included the expense of hospital stay and delivery, all ultrasounds, etc.  

If you are planning for IVF treatment then you must know that the health insurance companies in Ghana will not include IVF treatment in their health insurance.

So, while moving towards IVF prepare your budget. As the insurance company will not include it. 

There are many IVF clinics in Ghana which provide the best IVF treatment in Ghana at affordable rates.

What are the types of IVF treatments and IVF Cost in Ghana in the Med Fertility?

#Types of TreatmentsCost
1IVF with donor Egg
2IVF with self-eggs and sperms


The cost of IVF in Ghana with donor’s eggs is Which includes all the expenses while taking the treatments.

In the case of the donor’s egg, the expenses will increase as there will be a need for eggs. So the donor\’s charges will be included. Donor’s charges around …….

Further, the next stage will start where the experts will take sperm and will leave it on the same dish where they have left the donor’s eggs.

Then they will shift the made embryo into the female uterus. Afterward, the remaining process will be done naturally. 

IVF With ICSI Cost in Ghana 

The ICSI  treatment includes an extra process to finish the fertilization process. In ICSI treatment the experts separate the strong sperm from the weak sperm.

Further, they inject the sperm inside the donor’s eggs or self-eggs. To complete the fertilization procedure.

Then, after the fertilization process, the eggs will transform themselves into an embryo. And on the 4th day the embryo will change into a blastocyst.

At this point, most of the centres and clinics transfer the blastocyst inside the uterus, and then 2 weeks later, they take the pregnancy test.  


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