ICSI Cost in Kazakhstan depends on the faculty you are getting. In terms of cost, we include all expenses which will be done while treatment.

Infertility is the blemish in our society. People make fun of it or taunt those who are suffering from such issues.

It is not an infectious disease That spreads from individual to individual. There are many situations where one faces it involving low-quality sperm, low-quality eggs, ovulation, blocked fallopian tube, genetic disorder, smoking, drinking, etc.

The Cost of ICSI treatment in Kazakhstan is an advanced technique of IVF Treatment. The process of IVF Treatment includes some more advanced steps.


The ICSI is an advanced technique in in-vitro fertility. In the opening stage of the procedure. Experts examine the present situation and what is the problem they are facing. And whether the problem exists male or female.

There the problem of infertility is face by both sides. Sometimes the males face infertility issues and sometimes females do. There is one more situation such as both are infertile, as well there is unexplaine infertility.

In unexplained infertility, there will be problems but the cause will not be recognize.


The methods of IVF and ICSI are almost the same. Because all steps before fertilization are common.

At the stage of fertilization in IVF Treatment, the experts will take the eggs to the dish and leave the sperm on the same dish where the eggs will be keep. The left process will be done automatically.

In the case of ICSI, the experts will pick mature eggs from the ovary. And ask for semen from the male patient.

Furthermore, they will define the weak eggs into strong eggs to make the process succeed. Because if diluted semen goes inside the eggs it will be destroyed after some time, and it will not be able to suffer more.

So that the possibility of getting negative results will increase. To avoid such situations experts have included these steps in the process.

2 weeks later the couple takes a pregnancy test. Where, if the test is positive then the remaining process will be easier. They have to take care of their health and eat well for the baby.

But in case the result is negative so they can apply for a second time. In the next application, one doesn\’t need to follow the full process because. The experts would have some left frozen embryos stored in the laboratory.


The ICSI treatment takes one more step to complete the step of fertilization. Apart from that, the whole procedure is similar to its use in IVF Treatment.

The urologist examines the complications that the couple have been facing, by taking some blood tests and ultrasound. Then suggest some amount of dosage of injection to them.

The injection will help to mature the eggs early. There will be two injections, one will be suggeste. One is to mature the eggs early and the second is to take care not to destroy them early.

These injections will be take around 12 days, and after 12 days the last injection will be give the triggered injection. Which prepares the eggs for fertilization.

At that stage, the specialist will take the eggs out from the ovary and keep them on a dish in a laboratory.

At this stage the process of IVF TREATMENT and ICSI TREATMENT changed. In IVF, the experts leave the sperm in the dish and the remaining process will complete naturally as it goes into a natural pregnancy.

But In ICSI, at the stage of fertilization, the specialist takes the sperm and diversifies them into two parts: weak sperm and strong sperm.

Further, they inject it inside the mature eggs. This process happens when the sperms are not able to go inside the eggs. They get destroyed outside the eggs.

What is The ICSI Cost in Kazakhstan?

The ICSI Cost in Kazakhstan depends on the hospital. Kazakhstan is the largest county where many cities exist. Each city has its tools and equipment. So there will be a slight change in the price not much.

The average cost of ICSI treatment in Kazakhstan is $4000 to $4700. It will include all the expenses which will be conclude during the procedure such as equipment expenses, prescribed medication, experts, check-ups, etc.

The success rate of ICSI Treatment is around 60 to 80%. As it is slightly advanced from IVF treatment. and that is also the reason for the higher rate of ICSI Treatment.

To get a high success rate individuals need to be aware of such things thus they can become parents whenever they want to be.


In conclusion, the article was about ICSI cost in Kazakhstan. Also, you will get aware of the procedure of it, and the difference between IVF and ICSI. During the process of ICSI, one needs to avoid drinking alcohol, smoking, and junk food, etc. one should eat well. There is no particular restriction during the procedure. There is no need to take a rest even though the experts never suggest leaving the office.

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