The article is going to make you aware of the cost of ICSI in Georgia. So, you can manage your budget according to your expenses and complete your family. Also, you are going to know the actual procedure of fertilization and how fertilization could be completed in a laboratory.

The invention of ICSI has given happiness to millions of couples. Because of IVF they become parents and they have their biological child. Millions of babies have been born with the help of IVF and ICSI treatment.

The experts combine both sperm and eggs in the laboratory and develop an embryo. Which transforms itself into a baby after 9 months.


The ICSI is the treatment in which the experts left the semen inside the egg. To transform it into an embryo. Then they move the embryo inside the uterus and further it changes into a baby.

To complete the ICSI treatment. First, the experts start with a consultation to know their problem. Because there are different kinds of infertility such as male infertility, female infertility, blocked fallopian tube, low-quality sperm, low egg quality, genetic infertility, etc.

To make people happy the experts have introduced techniques to give happiness to infertile couples, LGBT, single mothers, single fathers, etc.

There are different types of treatment to solve all kinds of infertility problems including IUI Treatment, IVF Treatment, ICSI Treatment, traditional surrogacy, gestational surrogacy, etc.


The Treatment of ICSI is completed by following some procedure consultation, stimulation of ovaries, egg retrievals from ovaries, egg fertilization, embryo culture, and a pregnancy test.

The consultation is done by blood test and ultrasound of females. Meanwhile, the male patient has to give the semen for a lab test.

Where the experts will check the semen’s quality and try to figure out the complication. And further, the experts will also check the quality of eggs and the condition of the uterus.

This process will help experts to suggest the correct treatment for the couples. And then they prescribe the right amount of dosage to mature the eggs early.

Further, the couple will also get prescribed the new dosage of vaccine to secure the egg from being demolished.

And afterward the last day, the female patient will get injected with the last dose from the trigger injection.

At this stage, the eggs will have 34 to 36 hours to get fertilized. So the experts leave the selected strong semen inside the eggs after sorting them out from weak semen.

After this step, the experts transfer the embryo inside the uterus.

12 days later, there will be a pregnancy test by the couple. Anf in case the test got negative then the step of embryo transfer will perform again.

And in most cases the chances of becoming pregnant increase.


The ICSI and IVF are almost the same. Because the process before fertilization is the same in both treatments.

The treatment starts with the stimulation of the ovaries. Where the eggs will get some amount of dosage to mature strong and early. Meanwhile, they will get injected with one more injection to secure the egg from being liquidated.

Moreover, the experts will pick out the eggs from the ovaries and keep them in the dish, where they add selected sperm from the weak quality sperm.

And at this stage, the process of fertilization is different in both treatments, in IVF the experts will leave the strong sperm with the egg to complete the fertilization naturally.

But, in the case of ICSI the process of fertilization is done by experts. where they use advanced tools and kinds of equipment to inject strong sperm inside the egg.

After fertilization, the next step is to transfer the embryo into the uterus where the embryo develops into a baby.

The process of embryo transfer takes hardly 10 to 15 minutes to complete. 2 weeks later, there will be a pregnancy test which comes positive in 75% of cases.

But in case the test came negative then the embryo transfer process will be done again. And at this time the success rate increased from 75 to 85%.


The Cost of ICSI treatment in Georgia is around $12000 to $15000 which includes all the expenses. The expenses that will be included in the cost of ICSI in Georgia are injection used to stimulate ovaries, laboratory expenses to make embryos in the laboratory, and the cost of egg freezing ( freezing the extra eggs in the laboratory).

There is the best IVF centre in Georgia which provides all the services for infertility at a reasonable rate.

The treatment of ICSI is advanced from IVF. There are very exceptional cases where the couple needs to move for ICSI from IVF. These are when the semen is not capable of going inside the eggs.

At that point in time, the couple had to move for ICSI.

ICSI Treatment Costing Table

#Types of TreatmentsCosts
1ICSI Treatment Cost
2IVF Cycle w/ Fresh Embryo Transfer
3IVF Freeze All Embryos Cycle
4Frozen Embryo Transfer Cycle
5Freeze All Embryos w/ Frozen Anonymous Donor Eggs, Biopsy & CCS/PGT-A
6Freeze All Embryos w/ Frozen Anonymous Donor Eggs


In summary, the article is about increasing your knowledge of IVF and ICSI with its cost. After reading this article you are familiar with the treatment of IVF and ICSI. What is the ICSI, how it works, etc. during this treatment, the female patient is highly restricted from smoking and alcohol drinking. It will be harmful to them. Med fertility is the best IVF centre which has done many successful treatments.


How successful was ICSI at first time?

The success rate of ICSI is around 50 to 80 % on the first attempt. Further, its success rate increases on the second attempt.

How should we choose the right treatment?

To choose the right treatment one needs to identify the problem which they are facing. Through blood tests and ultrasounds.

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