‘Egg Donor in Thailand’ is like Angel in Dreamland

Desoring for a dream family? And hunting the way to fulfil your dream?

Don’t roam here and there, just hold each other and reach the destination that will allow you to write a story of happiness in your life.

‘Egg donor in Thailand’ is the preferable facility that every intended couple is expecting to have. The Med fertility in Thailand is full of experts which help you in having the egg donor easily.

Surrogacy with the egg donation increases the chances of pregnancy, that is opted when the female partner lacks ovaries and eggs which harms the health of the egg and so donor eggs are supplied to the healthy eggs for gamete fertilization.

This article will ease you in knowing the surrogacy through ‘Egg donor in Thailand’ and also aware you the requirements of egg donor, eligibility for surrogate mother, procedure of egg donation, and Egg Donor Cost in Thailand’ 

Factors encourage the requirement Egg donor

Following are the basic conditions in which the couple seek for the egg donor and can have egg donor:

  • If the couple are suffering from genetic disorder
  • The female partner has history of repeated miscarriages
  • The female partner is in the stage of menopause
  • The couples are facing problem of overweight or underweight
  • The age of the female partner is above 35 years and she is not able to produce good quality eggs.
  • When the couples are not able to have a baby by their own eggs, embryo, sperm due to some medical issue.
  • Other undefined reasons for IVF failure consecutively.

Eligibility for an ‘Egg donor in Thailand’

The following are the eligibility criteria and after fulfilling the criteria a woman can be an Egg donor and help the intended parents to become the happy Mom and Dad.

  • Should have healthy mind and psychic
  • Should have both the ovaries
  • She must be between 21 to 30 years of age
  • Having regular monthly periods
  • No history of genetic disorder
  • Have support of family and relatives
  • Should willing to take injections which is necessary in procedure
  • She should be mature enough to understand the seriousness and procedure
  • Can avoid the consumption of smoking and alcohol

Procedure of Egg donation

The procedure of egg donation is similar to the IVF procedure and only a minor difference is presented in that the embryo is implanted in the womb of the surrogate mother instead of the intended mother.

The following are the stages through which an intended couple have to go while receiving treatment.

Egg Donor Cost in Thailand
Egg Donor in Thailand

Stages to follow in treatment through egg donation:

Egg Retrieval-Egg retrieval is the stage in which ultrasound and scanning of an egg donor is processed to know the status and the growth of eggs of the egg donor in an efficient manner. Then the egg donor is directed to trigger the ovulation with an injection called HCG.

The eggs of the egg donor will be retrieved after 2 days at clinic under general anesthesia through needle, directed by ultrasound, to transvaginal to retrieve the eggs.

Fertilization– This is the second stage of egg donation process in which fertilization of retrieved eggs are processed by mixing it with the sperm of sperm donor or fresh sperm of partner.

Embryo Transfer- This is the final stage of egg donation procedure in which the embryo transfers where the embryo transfer is processed after 3 days of the egg retrieval and the embryo is transferred to the womb of the surrogate mother in order to have a positive pregnancy. After the embryo transfer surrogate is advised to have proper rest and pregnancy test is taken after 2 weeks of the embryo transfer.

This above process of Egg donation is undertaken with the IVF process which is as follows:

  • Choosing Surrogate mother
  • Medical examination
  • Counselling
  • Fertilization and pregnancy
  • Aftercare
  • Delivery

‘Egg Donor Cost in Thailand’ is real Bargain 

Thailand has become the all-time favorite destination for wonderful surrogacy through ‘Egg donor in Thailand’ at very reasonable cost as compared to other developed countries.

They exercise with the latest technological tools for the treatment and they also present the acceptable norms related to surrogacy which encourage people to choose Thailand for treatment. The Egg Donor Cost in Thailand is pocket friendly and can vary due to the many factors like the health condition of the patient, time duration of process, and method of treatment. But still, the ‘Egg donor Price in Thailand’ is much less than US and USA, which ranges from USD 80,000.

The Egg donor cost in Thailand ranges from USD 60,000 that includes so many charges for ‘Egg donor in Thailand’.   

Agency to provide best ‘Egg donor in Thailand’

Med fertility is the one of the best agencies for having the best ‘Egg donor in Thailand’ coz they are situated in the most preferred and popular destination for surrogacy.

Many patients shared their outstanding experience of visiting Med fertility and ‘Egg donor in Thailand’ also appreciated the superior care and services they received there.

So, for availing the large benefits of treatments in a suitable ‘Egg donor cost in Thailand’ once visit the Med fertility a highly trained fertility Agency in Thailand.

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