After listening to the word surrogacy, what comes to mind? Surrogacy treatment is a glimpse for those who are not capable of conceiving a baby. But do not get upset, the article will make you feel relaxed by telling you about the Best surrogacy Centre in Thailand.

There are some situations where the couple does not conceive when the female is suffering from some disease like cancer, genetic diseases, etc. Also LGBT.

Sometimes females are healthy to conceive but they refuse to conceive, just to Carry their careers. At a time when she does not want to compromise her career for pregnancy.

Then, the couple goes for Surrogacy. There are some kinds of myths about surrogacy. The couple will not be the biological mother of the baby.

It is possible to have your own biological baby in surrogacy. And stay tuned with the article you will learn more about surrogacy treatment and its types. Also their legal aspects.


Surrogacy is the treatment in which a couple can become a mother and father without getting pregnant. The need for this treatment is to complete the family of one who is not capable of getting pregnant.

There are many reasons why people choose surrogacy cause of infertility, personal choice, lesbian, gay, etc.

surrogacy is an advanced technique that helps to complete the family. In the treatment, there will be a need for a surrogate mother who suits the couple. She will carry the baby till delivery.

Before starting the treatment, there will be a contract between both parties who will agree to take the treatment. The contract will be about the agreement where the couple will promise to carry all the expenses of treatment and the Surrogate mother will promise to take care of the baby till birth.


The process of Surrogacy is different as there are two types of Surrogacy, traditional surrogacy, and gestational surrogacy.

Traditional surrogacy is completed with the help of IUI treatment. The process of IUI treatment starts with a selection of sperm from the biological father.

Meanwhile, the experts will examine the surrogate mother to ensure whether she suits the baby or not, or if there is any health issue that can be transferred to the baby.

Further, the sperm will be transferred into the uterus of the Surrogacy mother. The left process will proceed 12 days later. There, there will be a pregnancy test, and the later process will progress naturally till 9 months.

The second type of Surrogacy is gestational surrogacy, where the embryo will be developed in the laboratory and then transferred to the surrogate mother.

The process of gestational Surrogacy starts with the couple’s examination. Where the embryologist will check if they are both healthy and if we can develop a healthy embryo.

Then, the Medical process starts with hormonal drugs. To develop fallopian after some days there will be one more drug added which will protect the fallopian from being destroyed.

After this step, the injection will be given a trigger that prepares the eggs for fertilization. At that stage, the eggs will have around 34 to 36 hours to fertilize.

And the embryologist leaves the eggs and sperm on the same dish culture for fertilization. After this process, the embryo will develop itself into a blastocyst.

When the blastocyst is ready then it will be transferred to the surrogate mother. 2 weeks later, there will be a pregnancy test.

If the test is negative then the embryo transfer process will be performed again by the frozen embryo. In the case of the extra embryo.


Looking for the Best Surrogacy Centre in Thailand? Then this article is going to solve your quarry.

There is a top surrogacy centre in Thailand that has been discussed to give you the best option to select the best center for you.

1. Med fertility

Looking for the best surrogacy centre in Thailand, the med fertility centre is for you. The centre provides all fertility centers in different countries.

The services you will get here are IVF, IUI, ICSI, Surrogacy with IVF, Surrogacy with IUI, etc. The experts are well experienced and skilled with fertility treatment.

The services are available 24*7, also the successful treatments are more than 16000 IVF and ICSI treatments and more than 50000 couples have got their baby in their hands.

The environment of the center is very welcoming and kind, the staff are very friendly which makes one comfortable.

2. Bangkok central clinic

The Bangkok central clinic is known for its fertility treatment services provided to couples who are suffering from infertility.

The services provided are fertility treatments, fertility tests, genetics tests, IUI, ICSI, IVF, and other services, wellness, etc.

The centre does all the checkups, female infertility checkups, male infertility checkups, treatment consultations, and family balance.

The success rate of pregnancy is different from age, between 35 to 39 age success rate is 70%, more than 40 is 76.19%, and between 26 to 34 is 73.33% rate.

  • Website link –

3. BDMS wellness clinic

The centre has been running for more than 46 years. The centre works together with more than 47 hospitals with 10,000 specialists.

It has given precious services to ones of infertility treatment IUI, ICSI, IVF, surrogacy (traditional and gestational), etc.

Also, the center provides some more services related to health care, skin care, brain prevention, etc.
The centre provides all well-experienced and well-trained specialists. Who has done many successful treatments and made happy couples with their skills.

Infertility treatment is done with the help of modern and advanced equipment.

  • Website:-

4. Private hospital

Private fertility is the centre that provides the faculty of infertility with some more treatments. The services one will get are IVF, ICSI, IUI, Surrogacy with an egg donor, surrogacy with a self-egg, etc.

The center is located in Bangkok in Thailand. It is a well-known center for its services and facilities. There are more than 150 beds. The experts treat their patients with the help of advanced equipment.

Gynecologists and embryologists are well-trained and experienced in their work. There have been many successful treatments.

5. First fertility Centre

When talking about the best surrogacy centre in Thailand, we can never miss the name of the first fertility centre.

The center provides more than 72% of success rate. It gives all types of fertility treatment IUI, IVF, ICSI, Surrogacy with the help of IUI, and surrogacy with the help of IVF, etc.

The center has been awarded fertility service provider of the year by global health and travel in Asia (2019).

The specialist and nurses are well-trained, and also have more than 10 years of experience in the medical field of fertility.

  • Website:

6. Takara IVF Bangkok

Takara IVF Bangkok is one of the finest surrogacy centers in Thailand which has completed its Assisted Reproductive Techniques training in Japan with advanced technologies.

The experts are trained very well. Also, they have been happy for many couples with the help of Surrogacy.

The centre provides all fertility services such as IUI, IVF, ICSI, etc.

  • Website:

7. Vejthani Hospital

The vejthani hospital is one of the best surrogacy Centres in Thailand which have treated more than 300000 couples in over 100 countries. It is a very known hospital in Thailand.

The hospital has treated more than 100 countries by communicating in different languages which are around 20 languages.

One will get all fertility treatment in the hospital including IUI, IVF, ICSI, Surrogacy, etc. By using all the modern technologies and equipment.

  • Website:

8. Superior A.R.T

This Surrogacy Centre in Thailand is established with all infertility experts. With the help of Australian specialist A.R.T.

The treatment provides all infertility services taking IVF, IUI, ICSI, Surrogacy with the help of IVF, surrogacy with the help of IUI, etc.

The clinic has done many successful treatments of IVF, IUI, ICSI, etc. The Centre has been awarded the Best Medical Practice Rose of Paracelsus Annual award from the European medical association.

  • Website:


All in one, the blog has grasped the Surrogacy treatment which helps couples to fulfill their family desire. One can also get a biological baby with the help of gestational surrogacy. While the treatment surrogate mother needs to be ensured to not drink alcohol, smoke, etc.

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