PGD Treatment cost in Kenya is an opportunity

Worried about some hidden inabilities?

Kenya is a destination that provides you with all fertility-related solutions at a very budget cost without affecting other necessities.

PGD is an abbreviated form of Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis that helps in checking for an inherited disorder in a couple.

You can have the best PGD agency named Med Fertility which performs treatment with the latest technologies and advanced tools. This agency is one among the best and provides the ultimate opportunities at a very reasonable cost.

 The present article will help you in knowing the details of PGD with IVF, the process of PGD, and the ‘cost of PGD in Kenya’.

A Situation when an expert suggests PGD in Kenya

The expert suggests IVF with PGD in Kenya when the patient is at high risk of having a child with genetic imbalances. The PGD agency in Kenya advised processing IVF with PGD for better results.

The following are the condition in which a patient is allowed to have PGD with IVF:

  • The patient has faced miscarriages in IVF treatments because of the poor quality of the embryo.
  • The female partner has previously faced single gene disorders like cystic fibrosis and cystic disorders.
  • The Partners are selecting the donor eggs without testing.
  • The couple has a previous child with genetic abnormalities and they want to control the transmission.  
  • The female partner has an age above 35 sometimes it degrades the quality of eggs and causes poor formation. 

There are some more reasons and conditions which allow taking IVF with PGD treatment as the hope of light in your life.                

PGD course processed with IVF in Kenya

PGD (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis) testing is done with IVF due to embryo formation, which is performed by the fertility expert of the Center. 

The IVF process is important to perform because it forms the fertilized eggs for use in PGD and the healthy eggs were selected for implantation into the female uterus. This process helps in a positive pregnancy and decreases the chances of miscarriages.

The IVF including PGD treatment in Kenya has the following steps: 

Ovarian Stimulation-This step will help to have healthy fertilized eggs without the presence of any inherited disorder. It will also increase through fertility medicines and evaluating the ovarian function and encouraging them to produce more eggs at a time through artificial stimulation. 

Collection of eggs and sperm-In this step the expert will retrieve the female eggs through the uterus and collect the semen sample through a male partner. Then the gathered male sperm will be prepared to form a healthy motile sperm.

ICSI Insemination-In this step of ICSI the selected healthy sperm were injected directly into each egg cytoplasm to form healthy embryos. They all will be kept in the center until fertilization, and after that, the testing process is done.

Biopsy-This is the step in which the genetic testing is performed in the laboratory and testing will clear if the fertilized egg has and disease or any disorder.  

Transfer- This is the step in which the unaffected fertilized eggs are selected for implantation into the female uterus. It will be inserted into the vagina, cervix, and uterus that carries the embryo and leaves on the uterine lining.

Result- This is the last step of PGD with the IVF process, and a test is performed on a female partner after two weeks of the procedure.

The PGD Cost in Kenya is a Bronzer 

The PGD cost in Kenya is affordable in the country as compared to other countries which increases the rates of IVF regularly.

IVF will include PGD cost and the total cost is the chargeable total cost to Patients and the patient can have low-cost treatment as compared to other countries. 

The ‘Cost of PGD in Kenya’ has two factors:

  1. PGD for gender Selection
  2. PGD for genetic Diagnosis

As per the guidelines, gender selection is not allowed in Kenya so, the treatment is carried out with only one factor and that is Genetic Diagnosis its cost ranges from $ 2000 to $ 4000 USD.

The IVF Full process charges include the cost of PGD in Kenya, which is much lower than in the developed nations around Kenya. The IVF price starts from USD 3300 and the PGD cost in Kenya Ranges from $ 2000 to $ 4000 USD.

Where to begin PGD treatment in Kenya?

Med fertility is an excellent location for the treatment at a reliable ‘Cost of PGD in Kenya’ with advanced services and facilities.

This Institution performs treatment through updated techniques with cutting-edge methods that help positively in conceiving babies with great results.

Med fertility provides the service of experienced specialists and fertility doctors at a very minimal ‘Cost of PGD in Kenya’ and supports couples in overcoming infertility challenges and pain successfully.

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