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IVF Cost in Dubai is the Access to Happiness 

Searching for affordable IVF treatment in Dubai?

Here, we present to you with med fertility one of the best IVF treatment centers to cure infertility with very little IVF cost in Dubai.

We are pleased to inform you that Dubai is a destination and emirates in UAE are popular and advanced for medical coverage and facilities for IVF treatment. 

Dubai has experts to guide and support you individually to patients for the comfortable journey of treatment.

Their treatment is like a shower of happy stars in terms of the tiny toes of a dream baby.

Why Choose IVF in Dubai?

Vitro Fertilization is the extended name of IVF, it is an advanced treatment of infertility that involves the process of combining the egg of the female partner and the sperm of a male partner outside the body.  

IVF is not a single-step method, it includes the multi-steps for reaching a positive pregnancy. 

And that is the reason everyone is anxious to know the Country and the facilities of the destined location for treatment. 

Dubai tourist destination; it is popular by a high percentage of the healthcare sector in the country. Dubai focuses on state-of-art infrastructure and advanced medical instruments and techniques and so it has become the medical hub for various treatments including IVF and other infertility treatments. 

Although the medical institution in Dubai is making exceptional progress in adopting the latest technologies which will ultimately increase the chances for couples to have a healthy family with smiling hearts.

They perform the IVF treatment in a very refined manner and according to the nature and needs of the patient, so that the process becomes easy and fruitful for the patient.

‘IVF cost in Dubai’ is less than the concern of their medical experts, this includes analyzing the case at an individual level, and guidance in every step in a polite way.

So let’s take Dubai as a Preference for infertility treatment and start your happy family. 

Who is Eligible for IVF?

In Vitro Fertilization is a form of assisted reproduction treatment (ART) that is recommended for managing the infertility situation of couples if they are diagnosed with some issues that cannot be treated normally.  

Following are The Eligibility Conditions or Issues for IVF Treatment in Dubai:

  • Issues of Endometriosis
  • Abnormality in the uterus or fallopian tube
  •  Anovulation
  • Poor egg quality of female
  • Low sperm count of male
  • Abnormal production of antibodies that can harm the sperm or eggs
  • Low survival chances of sperm in mobility
  • The Sperm’s inability in penetrating the cervical canal 
  • Genetic diseases of mother or father
  • Any unexplained infertility which cannot be defined.

Steps involved in IVF in Dubai

Some of the expert guidance and details regarding IVF are very necessary when you go for infertility treatment through IVF, and all the intended Parents or couples must know.

The procedure of IVF is initiated by evaluating the medical history of couples, preliminary checks like blood tests, and ultrasounds to understand the level of hormones in the body. 

The examiner will also make you understand the situation your body carries and plan for your treatment for achieving a positive result.

If the issue is male factor infertility, then semen analysis will take place, and the plan for the treatment will be changed accordingly. In this case IVF –ICSI is the option to have or go which takes about 21-25 days.

Let’s walk step-by-step in Process of IVF:

Ovarian Stimulation- This is the first step of the IVF process and takes about 7 to 10 days. It begins on the 2nd or 3r day of the menstrual cycle in which medication will be given to help stimulate the growth of ovary follicles and growth in eggs is monitored by conducting an ultrasound. The hormone level is also checked through a blood test and if any adjustment is required so medication is provided for the need.

Then HCG trigger shot is injected 36-40 hours before the egg retrieval to induce egg maturation.  

Egg Retrieval-In this step eggs will be retrieved by a small surgical process guided by ultrasound. This depends on medication response and the body few eggs are retrieved. 

Sperm Collection and ICSI- This is the step performed on the same day of egg retrieval and the male partner will be asked for a semen sample for the fertilization process. To make the IVF process more fruitful, ICSI is carried out, where single sperm will be injected into individual eggs that are retrieved from the female body through a needle.

Genetic testing-This step involves testing and minimizing the effect of hereditary diseases if any. This process is conducted, about 4 to 5 days after the egg retrieval, where a biopsy is extracted from each embryo formed to be tested in the lab.

Embryo transfer- This is a step that is followed just after the genetic testing and once the result on a healthy embryo is found then the transferring process into the uterus is initiated for implantation.

A simple procedure that does not require any sedation, and the successful transfer of embryos into the uterus then regular monitoring of hormone levels takes place to check the pregnancy result.    

High success at Petty ‘Cost of IVF in Dubai’

Before you undergo treatment for IVF in Dubai, you must need the services and fee structure for IVF. Because the cost varies depending on your treatment needs and goes a little higher if you require any advanced techniques to solve infertility and facilitate you with that service.

The Fertility services of Med fertility are high with a success rate that ranges from 50% to 80% in Dubai. The treatment has explored the conditions and proved itself in curing infertility in a large number of couples and enhancing their lives with joy.  

The Cost of IVF in Dubai is $ 5000 and paying this amount is worth it, you will not regret paying the ‘Cost of IVF in Dubai’

However, there are many success stories and experiences shared by former couples which give confidence that encourages and confirms the surety of suitable for Infertility treatment in Med Fertility. 

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