If you\’re searching for the Best Surrogacy Centre in Ethiopia, look no further than Med Fertility. Med Fertility is renowned for its exceptional services and expertise in the field of surrogacy.

With a pledge to giving merciful and extensive consideration, Prescription Richness stands apart as a believed objective for couples and people looking for surrogacy choices.

Throughout the surrogacy process, their dedicated team of experienced professionals ensures the highest standards of medical care and ethical practices by providing individualized support.

Med Fertility\’s state-of-the-art facilities and advanced reproductive technologies enable them to achieve successful outcomes.

They stand out in part because of their emphasis on upholding confidentiality and preserving the emotional wellbeing of all individuals involved. With Med Fertility, you can rest assured that you are in capable hands for your surrogacy needs in Ethiopia.

What is Surrogacy?

Surrogacy is a process in which a woman carries a pregnancy and gives birth to a child on behalf of another person or couple, who become the intended parents.

Surrogacy laws in Ethiopia

Ethiopia has specific laws and regulations governing surrogacy, which outline the legal rights and responsibilities of all parties involved.

The growing popularity of surrogacy in Ethiopia

Surrogacy is becoming increasingly popular in Ethiopia due to its potential as a viable option for individuals and couples facing fertility challenges or desiring to have a child through alternative means.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Surrogacy Center:

Legal and ethical considerations: Highlights the importance of ensuring the surrogacy center follows legal and ethical guidelines.

Success rates and track record: Emphasizes the significance of reviewing the center\’s past success rates and their overall performance.

Cost and affordability: Discusses the financial aspects of surrogacy, including the center\’s pricing structure and affordability.

Location and accessibility: Considers the convenience and accessibility of the surrogacy center\’s location.

Support and counseling services: Highlights the availability of emotional support and counseling services provided by the center.

Additional services provided: Explores any additional services offered by the surrogacy center, such as legal assistance or fertility treatments.

Here is a List of The Best Surrogacy Centers in Ethiopia 2023:

1. Med Fertility


Med Fertility is a leading fertility clinic dedicated to helping individuals and couples fulfill their dream of starting or expanding a family. Med Fertility provides a wide range of fertility treatments and services with a strong emphasis on individualized care and cutting-edge reproductive technologies.

They have a highly skilled group of nurses, embryologists, and fertility specialists who are committed to providing customized treatment plans that are tailored to each patient\’s specific requirements.

Whether you\’re seeking in vitro fertilization (IVF), egg donation, sperm donation, or surrogacy, Med Fertility strives to offer the highest standard of care in a supportive and compassionate environment.

With best in class offices and a promise to remaining at the front of conceptive medication, Prescription Richness is devoted to assisting patients with accomplishing fruitful results and understand their fantasies of life as a parent.

2. Placid way Ethiopia

Placid way Ethiopia

Placid Way Ethiopia is your gateway to excellent healthcare services in Ethiopia. As a leading medical tourism company, Placid Way connects patients with top-notch healthcare providers and facilities in the country.

Placid Way Ethiopia provides a wide range of medical treatments and operations, including but not limited to cosmetic surgery, fertility treatments, orthopaedics, and dental care. It has a robust network of internationally approved hospitals, clinics, and experts.

In addition to offering assistance with travel arrangements, lodging, and language interpretation services, the company is committed to ensuring that patients receive high-quality healthcare at reasonable costs.

Placid Way Ethiopia is the best option for anyone looking for reputable medical tourism services in Ethiopia since it is dedicated to providing a seamless and stress-free healthcare experience.

3. IVF Fertility Centre

IVF Fertility Centre

Welcome to the IVF Fertility Centre, where dreams of parenthood come to life. The IVF Fertility Centre, a pioneer in assisted reproductive technology, provides a variety of cutting-edge treatments to individuals and couples struggling with infertility.

With a team of highly skilled doctors, embryologists, and support staff, the centre is dedicated to providing personalized care and support throughout the entire IVF process.

From extensive symptomatic testing to cutting edge lab strategies, the middle uses the most recent progressions in conceptive medication to boost achievement rates.

Emphasizing patient comfort and confidentiality, the IVF Fertility Centre creates a nurturing environment where individuals can feel empowered and hopeful. Whether you\’re seeking IVF, ICSI, egg freezing, or other fertility services, the IVF Fertility Centre is committed to helping you achieve your dream of building a family.

  • Website:- https://www.ivf.in.net/ethiopia/surrogacy.html

4. Indo American Health

Indo American Health

Indo American Health is a renowned healthcare facilitator that bridges the gap between international patients and high-quality medical care in India. With a promise to giving consistent and customized medical care administrations, Indo American Wellbeing has laid down a good foundation for itself as a confided in name in clinical the travel industry.

They collaborate with leading hospitals and healthcare professionals in India to offer a wide range of specialized treatments and procedures, including but not limited to, organ transplants, cancer treatments, cardiac surgeries, and cosmetic procedures.

From the patient\’s initial consultation and treatment planning to travel arrangements and post-operative care, Indo American Health takes care of everything.

Their team of experienced professionals ensures that patients receive world-class healthcare services at affordable costs. With Indo American Health, patients can confidently explore the option of receiving top-notch medical care in India.

  • Website:- https://www.indoamericanhealth.com/surrogacy-in-ethiopia.html

5. World Fertility Services

World fertility services

The World Fertility Center is a leading establishment that offers a comprehensive range of infertility treatments, providing hope and possibilities for couples longing to fulfill their dreams of having a child. The center, which has been in the business for a long time, has been at the forefront of developing assisted reproductive technologies (ART) to help couples become parents.

The center boasts a team of highly skilled doctors, including gynecologists, embryologists, and urologists, who have achieved numerous successful treatments. The center\’s high success rates are a result of their expertise and dedication. The staff individuals are all around experienced and broadly prepared, guaranteeing that patients get nonstop consideration and backing.

Creating a welcoming and compassionate environment, the center strives to make couples feel comfortable throughout their entire experience. The World Fertility Centre serves as a ray of hope for people seeking infertility treatment because to its dedication to quality and patient-centered philosophy.

Choosing the Right Surrogacy Center for You

Evaluating your personal needs and preferences:

Consider your individual requirements and desires when selecting a surrogacy center. Reflect on factors such as location, services, support, and any specific considerations you may have.

Comparing the centers based on key criteria:

Assess different surrogacy centers by comparing them on important criteria. Assess their prosperity rates, histories, costs, accessible administrations, and aptitude of their clinical group. You\’ll be able to narrow down your choices with this.

Seeking professional advice and recommendations:

Consult professionals in the field of surrogacy or seek recommendations from trusted sources. Their mastery and bits of knowledge can direct you in settling on an educated choice with respect to the determination regarding a surrogacy community that suits your necessities.


In conclusion, Med Fertility stands out as the Best Surrogacy Centre in Ethiopia, offering exceptional services and expertise in the field of surrogacy. With a commitment to compassionate and comprehensive care, Med Fertility has gained a reputation as a trusted destination for individuals and couples seeking surrogacy options.

Their group of experienced experts offers customized help all through the surrogacy venture, guaranteeing the best expectations of clinical consideration and moral practices.

The state-of-the-art facilities and advanced reproductive technologies at Med Fertility contribute to their remarkable success rates. Additionally, their emphasis on confidentiality and emotional well-being sets them apart.

By Choosing Med Fertility, people can certainly leave on their surrogacy process, realizing that they are in capable hands. Med Fertility\’s dedication to excellence has made them the leading choice for surrogacy services in Ethiopia.

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